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"The Shepherds In Blue" - TVMan's Powerful New Film


A year and a half in the making, the TV Man team proudly presents "The Shepherds In Blue".  A documentary about the extraordinary progress the Houston Police Department is making with Houston’s homeless population.  We felt the project worthy of sharing with others. 


The film centers on HPD’s special unit, the Homeless Outreach Team, better known as the HOT Team. It’s a story about the three founding officers who work daily to assist the homeless and mentally ill in Houston. They call themselves the “The Shepherds in Blue”. 


TV Man crews rode with HOT officers on bikes and in cars during their early morning patrols and outreaches. They shadowed the officers, visiting areas of downtown Houston where the homeless live.  Our cameras caught the passion these officers bring to their work and the positive impact that passion has on the lives of others. 


Please click on any photo below to view.

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